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I'm Kenneth Williams, from Corinth, MS. I'm a 37 year runner and a veteran of 61 marathons including 14 Bostons. Thanks for visiting TEAM26pt2.com and for seeking me out! I coach only marathon and half marathon runners, plus those desiring to accomplish the ultimate: qualifying for Boston. I teach via internet and with an occasional phone call. I've been doing this for several years. I received my RRCA Running Coach Certification in early 2008, at that time I was one of only 2 certified coaches in MS. I have found coaching runners to be one of the most rewarding things I've ever done…and I've done lots of rewarding things! My teaching methods work. Basically I teach using conventional methods. No magical formulas, no short-cuts, just tried and true coaching, complete with encouragement and accountability for you. And I do it free of charge.

Please check out the  Runner's Questionnaire  on the left side of this page. Download it, fill it out and get it back to me. It's necessary for me to know much about you, your running history and the goals you want to accomplish. I look forward to hearing from you.


Contact Me

Email Address:

Mailing Address:
Kenneth Williams
PO Box 239
Corinth, MS 38835-0239

FAX: 662-284-4864

Follow @marathonkoach on Twitter for daily running tips

Running info at www.marathonkoach.com

Stories of the world's greatest foot race www.BostonLog.com

Coach's Credentials

· RRCA Certified Running Coach
· Running more than 37 years
· Has run more than 50,000 miles
· 61 marathons attempted, 61 completed
· Ran 70 miles at one time in ‘06
· Ran length of MS (400 miles) in '04
· 14 time Boston finisher, including 2015.
· Coaching marathoners for 15 years

Runner's Questionnaire

In order to help you acheive your running goals, it is necessary for me to know as much about you and your running history as possible. Please click on the link below and download a copy of the "Runner's Questionnaire." Please email this form back to me, however, you must send the release pages by conventional mail.

Download Questionnaire

What is Expected of You

Be SERIOUS about running. 
· Have a deep desire to achieve your running goals. 
· Have the commitment and dedication to do what WE agree on. 
· Enjoy setting goals and working hard to achieve the goals. 
· Have patience and perseverance to achieve life-time goals.
· Communicate quickly via email. 
· Keep mileage records on our Excel spreadsheet

· Return previous week's mileage report timely 
· Understand that this is an "electronic" relationship. 
· Be prepared to begin by filling out a long questionnaire
· Have an acceptable average weekly mileage base
· Read the "Runner's Achilles Heel" below


Fee Schedule

First Month

Succeeding Months

Runner's Conference

Runner's Achilles Heel

What do you think the biggest obstacle runners must overcome in order to achieve their marathon and half marathon goals? No time for training? Loss of interest? Family or business pressures? No, none of these. It's injury! Why injury? Because runners are impatient and want to achieve their goals before allowing time for their bodies to adapt to the heavier training required. Muscles, including heart and respiration, adapt quickly to increased mileage. However the connective tissues, like tendons and ligaments, require much more time to acclimate and are slower to tell you there is a problem with too much, too soon. Injury rates can be as much as 50% for people that don't have an adequate ‘base' before beginning marathon training. What is an adequate base one must have before beginning marathon training? That is a difficult question to answer, but some sources recommend a minimum of 20-25 miles per week before beginning marathon training and 10-12 miles per week for a half marathoner….maintained, at a minimum, for several months. 

PLEASE make sure you have an adequate “base” before asking for assistance!


Koach's K

I will accept a limited number of students whom I will coach for free. I request that you make sure you have an adequate base of mileage that you have been running long enough for you to be accustomed to.

While most of the communication will be via email, we talk occasionally, especially when we, together, are developing the ‘plan' which will take the runner to her goal. Also, runners call in when they have a question or need advice. I'm available most of the time for short conversations. Weekly my students are expected to return to me, via email, the Excel spreadsheet that I provide. It should be filled out by the student with their mileage for the previous week. When I get the report, I examine it and email back comments about their progress.

The first step…after I receive back and review the runner's questionnaire (see above), is for us, together, to create a training “plan” for the student. This plan consists of the total mileage the student agrees to run each week, as well as the long run and middle distance runs they should do weekly. Additionally, for those seeking speed, we work out any speed sessions per week….these hopefully adequate to take her to her goal, but, to AVOID injury….and injury is the biggest obstacle runners face. Actually, our goal is to get the runner to the start line well trained and healthy….and that is a very critical balancing act to achieve that. 













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